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Zambia has been experiencing adverse impacts of climate change – including an increase in frequency and severity of seasonal droughts, occasional dry spells, increased temperatures in valleys, flash floods and changes in the growing season. In response to these impacts, Zambia is working to develop sustainable and appropriate programmes for both crops and livestock in the face of climate change. Some of Zambia’s adaptation measures include: promotion of irrigation and efficient use of water resources, strengthening early warning systems and preparedness, and using GIS/remote sensing in mapping of drought and flood prone areas.(UNDP Zambia)

The National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is hosting the Zambian node of the Science Services Centre for climate Change and Adaptive Land management (SASSCAL), a Germany government funded regional climate change studies institution operating in five(5) SADC countries. The NRSC is also participating in conducting research and generating baseline datasets for climate changes studies.